Friday, July 4, 2008

Tales of Insomnia, Photography sites, and Postwork here I sit again, my sleeping hours these days are now fully dysfunctional it seems. Thought I will say this, it has allowed me for some more time in getting work done. Not that I don't mind, but I would rather be sleeping I think. If anything it has certainly made photography interesting at higher altitudes! I thi9nk I get the lack of o2 effecting me more and more....Anyways, back to processing...

I am seriously behind though in processing my work. It's hard trying to keep up on all this stuff, between DA which basically drowns me, RedBubble, and Flickr has become totally ignored. I think I need a game plan to balance things a lot more. Add in that mix submitting to stock agencies and it is a full time job. And therein lies the problem...

I think I need a change of direction and need to start concentrating more on my work and really getting it out there instead of worrying about catching up on comments and so forth on deviantArt. Granted I love DA, but it doesn't pay my bills, and I wish to see my work published in greeting cards, on calendars, etc...I do sell a few prints here and then on DA but my stock sales run circles around it over and over. So with that in mind I am going to write an agenda out for myself and do my best at sticking to it.

Afterall I don't shoot just to my work on photography sites, I shoot because I love it, and also because I wish to sell my work and make a good living at it. Yet I process all these photos, post them around at various sites, and other than that, don't do much really. Time to have it start paying off and getting my rear in gear and writing query letters to publishers I think!

Anyways, that's my story and I am sticking to it!

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