Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got Snow?

Got Snow?
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Got Snow?

We sure do in Denver today, a full on Blizzard! I just took this a little bit ago. Snow, finally, it has been in the 80's lately, so this is a nice relief.

Now my German Shepherd Klaus wants to talk and say a few things, so I will let him;

"I don't know how Johnny let's me get in these situations....I sit here with all this snow falling on my damn face, while he holds the ball above something you guys call a damn camera, just so he can take these photos of me. I am starting to think I am nuts! But, I love the snow, I get excited when I first wake up in the morning and see it outside, and become very hyper and must go out and play RIGHT AWAY! I love to romp in it, jump in it, bury my ball and chew bones in it! I love this damn stuff! " Ok Klaus, that is good, settle down, I know you are excited, we will go back out and play some more in just a few minutes, any longer and you will be blogging in the description here! lol


  1. I'm with Klaus - throw the ball ;)



  2. Lol!!! Well I'm glad Klaus is enjoying the snow!!! :D
    Its a great shot of him btw!!!


  3. I'm a big Klaus fan... I think he deserves LOTS more pics! Hopefully with the blog, I'll see more?

    PS I'm adding you to my blogroll :)