Saturday, March 28, 2009

Of Days Gone Past....

The Vintage Retro Signage of Denver's East Colfax Avenue

I am still working on processing images from this shoot but here is one I thought you all might enjoy. There really is a "Lost America" kind of look and feel to Denver's Colfax avenue, a lot which I really feel should be preserved, but sadly, is slowly has been suggested that I at some point publish a book showcasing my retro photography, and I have given it some serious thought, and yes, I suppose in the future I will do that, why not I figure.

It is amazing how one's trained eye becomes so much more aware of immediate surroundings isn't it? I imagine most folks just pass these old signs and the architecture which they represent on by, never thinking twice....

1 comment:

  1. Its beautiful.
    A book would be a brilliant idea!!!
    Its sad that things and places like this are slowly disappearing but photographing them like this really makes people more aware.

    Keep at it!!! :D