Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Early Morning Creative Drive

"Morning On the Colorado Plains"
A Sunrise Morning greets travelers on Colorado's E-470 Tollway Highway, coming and going to Denver International Airport; DIA. Pike's Peak stands like a sentinel in the distance along the Front Range

Ya know, as odd as it seems, we all have our most creative times of the day. I used to be a nightowl spending late nights painting and drawing when I was in art college. Now it seems I have come full circle in a way. I 'spose having trouble sleeping tends to do that to one's soul and mind, but there is something to be said to be awake when your side of the world is all but asleep. It is quiet, it is serene, and it is tranquil. I find these early morning hours the best time fro my creative juices and blood to be flowing. I generally use this time to edit my photographs, browse photography sites, answer comments and questions on my DA and RB accounts, and become inspired.

Strange though, and how it became like this I shall never know. I will say one thing though, it certainly has allowed me to catch some sunrise images..has it ever!

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