Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a few thoughts

I spose I kinda have to tread lightly with this post as I really wish to talk about a few things that might be offensive to some, but ya know, it's my blog and these are my thoughts.

Popularity on deviantARt....it isn't all what it is cracked up to be. With a page there fastly approaching 200k views, with closing in on 3,000 watchers, I find it not only hard to keep up, but downright nearly impossible. It also isn't easy when someone you hold dear to you gets mad because you no longer see the comments right away that they leave for you. Comments get buried ultra fast and it can take me over 2 weeks to get through comments...but why on earth should I be held accountable for not seeing someone's messages right away?? It isn't my fault that I get inundated with feedback...sigh...this has really left a sour taste in my mouth....

Balancing my time between DA, RedBubble, and Flickr, along with the ther sites I am on is becoming liek a job....not to mention all the stock sites I sell my work on. There just isn't enough hours in the day honestly and ya know, it sure as hell isn't helping my health any.

I think it's tiem I just do some shooting and leave the stresses of the net behind me, so with that in mind, Rocky Mountains, today here I come!

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