Friday, May 23, 2008

Only In Colorado

Only in Colorado can one go on a photoshoot and be driving through a blizzard in the mountains, only to come back down to Denver 2 hours later and have to start ducking Tornado's & Hail! The image below was captured as I was coming back down into Denver on a rural stretch of country where I would dearly love to own a piece of land someday.....enjoy!

Thunderstorms On the Farm
Captured yesterday 5/22/08, outside of Chief Hosa, Colorado. Some of you mayhave had about our crazy weather here in Colorado yesterday withTornado's and all that jazz,....well, here is a story for ya all......

The storm you see in this photo is the very storm which would spawn a Tornado outbreak north of Denver and basically level the town of Windsor, Colorado. I drove through this storm while heading to Lake Dillon, to do some shooting, which is pretty high up in the mountains.While going through it in the mountains, I basically drove through ablizzard. I knew that if this storm kept heading East, it was going to be bad as Denver was warm and the humidity so high, 94% which is rare,because it usually stays at about 10%....all that and the storm colliding with said air makes for some dangerous conditions.

Heading back, after Lake Dillon, I detoured some when I saw this barn and just had to get it...the rain stopped for just a second, which added somenice atmosphere for the scene as a whole. Especially with those storm clouds! It was so quiet, almost spooky, just the thunder is all ya heard and the occasional Blackbird.

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  1. Amazing coulds and the red country barn really sets this off.

    Funny enough, hte clouds in this looked much like the cloud that spawned the waterspout I took a photo of (sea tornado). Coming from New Zealand, where tornadoes are not common, when I saw these clouds I thought to myself - that looks like a tornado cloud. Then as soon as I thought that, I dismissed it as stupid as I had no idea what one looked like. Five minutes later I looked up and there was the waterspout or sea tornado.

    I just about fell off my chair - but I'm not sure whether I as surprised at seeing one, or of my recognising the cloud having never seen one before!