Monday, May 19, 2008

An interview with yours truely!

A couple of days ago, watcher and friend *LadyAnubis noted me asking if she could do a news article interviewing me. Totally completely shocked, I jumped at the chance. It is pretty in-depth and has been posted and is here check it out and make sure to fav it giving her props for doing it! She should do more of these as her questions were very good in asking me about photography. So a heads up!

Tired, sore, and exhausted, I sit here as AOL Radio belts out "Mean Eyed Cat" from Johnny Cash. And after I am done writing this, I am heading back to bed. I WAS going to go shooting early again this morning, but honestly, I am just to damn tired. So I will save it for later today and maybe hit up golden hour in th evening which is rare for me to do, I am a morning shooter. yesterdays photo shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park turned out nice! 4 Gigs worth of photos, and the light and weather was just perfect as can be. Was able to get 1/2 up Trailridge which shocked me, I thought it would be fully closed until next weekend, but just above the 2 mile marker, they closed it. Needless to say have a TON of shots...and I mean a TON. The Elk were down pretty low, they are getting their summer coats now, losing their winter ones...not the prettiest sight to photography, but their antler's are starting to come in nicely. Got a few really nice shots of em as well. I also learned my lesson and now know I need a 8ND filter while trying to photograph a waterfall. my Polarizer combined with my 4ND wasn't dark enough to get the exposure I really wanted...oh well, that will be on order this week. I also never really thought about using my Minolta 50mm f1.7 as a landscape lens, until yesterday. Sheesh, I need to start doing that! Tack sharp! Also used my 75-300 a lot for landscapes....which I never use for that kinda experimented some. Came away thinking that the new Tamrom 70-200mm F2.8 which just came out is going to have to be a MUST do...especially for wildlife. All in all a great photoshoot, got in before the tourists and out as they were arriving!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend and getting some shooting in!


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  1. great interview John. Come back to msn sometime :)