Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How The Time Does Fly

Ahhh how time flies!
In the last coup0le of months I have been busy, as in VERY busy....sorry I have been afk on here for awhile now. Been shooting a lot, became a Gallery Manager for Photography>Animals, Plants & Nature on deviantART (my account is here) joined twitter here and have been shooting like a madman!

  One of the things that I have accomplished though as a GM for deviantART is being able to bring in some of the VERY BEST in the Nature Photography world, and interviewing them. Recently I have had the opportunity to interview two very huge infleunces on my work, Guy Tal & Judd Patterson. (click links to read the interviews)

  I also have been shooting quite a lot lately, always processing photos, the never ending story huh? Anyways, onwards and upwards as I say!

Magpie captured in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park on New Years Day.