Monday, January 10, 2011

Notes From The Field-New Years

You know it's cold, as in bone chilling cold, when your leg clamps on your tripod freeze and snap in half. So it went over New Years with shooting at Garden Of The Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park during our photo meetup and kind of relaxed workshop we did. The winds in RMNP were gusting at what had to be between 50-60MPH, which seemed to be most of the time, so shooting in those kinds of conditions really presented a challenge. The light however at both locations was nice, though subtle, it presented some great photo-opps. I just wish my ski gloves would have done their job at keeping my hands a lot warmer up in RMNP, who set a record at -38 the morning we were shooting. Wildlife in GOTG was a little on the absent side, however in RMNP it was so-so, with the Big Horn Sheep in Big Thompson Canyon certainly being the highlight.

Huddling for warmth in the Jeep and just watching the color rise above the mountains was both joyful and frustrating, wanting to shoot the scene but trying to warm up some as well. I did get some shots however which I am very happy with, thankfully. I guess waking up at 330am does pay off!